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22,00 € 'Scars' 12" double vinyl
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25,00 € 'Scars' 12" double vinyl + CD
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10,00 € Scars (CD)

Teaser of the upcoming album 'Scars' avaiable

Will be released under Advoxya Records this fall, as CD format and 3 7" vinyls

Houston - Texas - USA

13 may 2017

McAllen - Texas - USA

18 may 2017

Dallas - Texas - USA

20 may 2017



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A todo el mundo que me pregunta sobre Discos Revolver... se nos agotaron las copias de 'Scars' antes de poder...

Can't wait to share stage again with my buddies! :D (Y) Ben Stich Houtz Vyle Black Derek Winters Rhodes