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Broken hopes of a wasted youth + Broken remixes + Larva DVD - 2012

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"Broken hopes of a wasted youth" CD + "Broken remixes" REMIX-EP + The DVD - 2012
"Broken hopes of a wasted youth" CD
01- Destructive device
02- You are alone
03- Lies
04- Broken toy (song for Yuyu)
05- Come with me
06- Flores negras
07- Palabras vacias
08- Family error
09- Death is coming to take you away
10- Myasis
11- Todos estamos muertos por dentro
12- Reflections in a mirror
13- Something to hate
14- Eternal sadness (prelude to end)


"Broken remixes" REMIX-EP
01- Ansia (unreleased track)
02- Asco (unreleased track)
03- Agachar la cabeza (unreleased track)
04- Hienas (remix by KorpCounter)
05- Come with me (remix by Andro Dioxin)
06- Voces (fallen garden mix by Graveyard Child Escape)
07- Come with me (pain mix by Traumatize)
08- Voces (remix by Electrovot)
09- Come with me (remix by My Beloved Death)
10- Hienas (remix by Electrophobia)
11- Family error (remix by Vondage)
12- Destructive device (remix by Degeneracion Debraye)
13- Come with me (The opposite body club remix)
14- You are alone (Touched by Stahlnebel & Black Selket)


Larva 'The DVD' DVD-r
1. live-video "Hienas"
2. live-video "You are alone"
3. live-video "Hienas"
4. live-video "The devil inside of me"
5. live-video "The devil inside of me"
6. live-video "Family error"
7. live-video "Family error"
8. live-video "Massgrave"
9. music-video "Destructive device"
10. music-video "You are alone"
11. music-video "Lies"
12. music-video "Broken toy(song for Yuyu)"
13. music-video "Death is coming to take you away"
14. music-video "Eternal sadness(prelude to end)"
15. music-video "Family error"
16. music-video "Todos estamos muertos por dentro"
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